Player Rottweilers
Updated August 08, 2013.

Four Player Rottweilers and a Nottweiler:
Baxter, Bruno, Riley, Bella, Bear
Welcome to Player Rottweilers.  Bear is our gorgeous AKC Champion Stud dog with Perfect health clearances and an even better disposition.  Visit his page for pictures and more information on him.  Bella is our lovely AKC Champion bitch.  Bella also has a fabulous disposition and wonderful health clearances.  Visit her page for pictures and more information on her.  Bristol is a new addition to the family and my hopes for her becoming a top quality bitch and wonderful producer are high, but she has plenty of time!  Visit her page for pictures and more information.
Bella was bred to Bear and due to whelp September 2013!  Visit the litter's page for more information.  This is a repeat breeding of a litter whelped January 23, 2013; visit that litter's page for pictures and updates about those lovely girls.
Check out the News page to see what is new in the Player Rottweilers' home.
The About page tells how I got started with this fantastic breed and how we have evolved together.  Peruse the site, enjoy my many pictures and feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Otherwise, enjoy my dog family!

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